Minimalist Baby Steps

If you are at all like me, then you want to jump right in to minimalism and start trashing things left and right. That is, if your mind is bigger than your reality, like mine was. When I was at work I would picture doing all these great things at Super Mom speed and in 24 hours, I had the perfect, clean and simple house I have always imagined.

Well, in most cases, we know it doesn’t really work that way no matter how much we plan and how much we want it to be done at super speed. But remember…

Baby steps still move you forward! 

I have accepted baby steps. This weekend I only did a small thing, but it still made me feel accomplished. I cleaned and organized the shelves above the washer and dryer. I even wiped them down while I was there. I’m only 5’1″, so I have to get a step stool for pretty much anything above the first cabinet in the kitchen. This takes energy. One thing that is required to becoming minimalist is not being lazy. I don’t actually think I am a lazy person, but let’s face it, when you can’t reach something how many times do you say,

I’ll just put it here for now.

How many of you have a spouse or kids that are maybe a foot from where the dang thing goes, yet down it plops. On the counter, on the kitchen table, on the bar and yes even the floor. Exactly…

One of the next things I will be working on is creating a no clutter zone. This is something I have read on zenhabits along with becomingminimalist. Both of these sites have taught me so much along this journey. The no clutter zone will be extremely hard, since I have to train the entire family including the hubby. This is one of our biggest offenses and will take some time to create the healthy habit of not dropping things off at the first visual point of contact.

We have 3 baskets. They are pretty, stylish looking baskets. The problem is, they don’t look quite as nice when they are overflowing with paper. For now, I will keep putting the papers there while trying to claim other areas “clutter-free”, but it’s coming! The bar will be free of clutter! Do you think if I just keep repeating that, it will just magically happen? I didn’t think so:(

Until next time…think about your clutter zone and how you will work toward cleaning it up and keeping it that way. Let me know your ideas for creating the clutter free habit and what you use to declutter things, such as mail and other odd papers you think you might need.

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