Minimizing Family Pets

No, I am not asking you to minimize your pets if you have too many.  Right now we have 2 dogs and 2 cats. This is actually the most animals we have had at one time together. But let me back up a little…

My husband and I have lost 2 of our dogs that we had before we met. They both died of cancer. Now, mine was not near as devastating as my husband’s. His little buddy, Zeke, was his best friend and was the center of his world. When he lost him, it was so hard to watch. He spent thousands at the time on surgery and chemo, just to get a little more time or maybe even a cure. He bought a year.

After Travis adopted Zeke, he thought that he should have another dog for him to play with. Better in pairs, right? So, enter Gidget. Unfortunately, Gidget out-lived Zeke by a few years and she hasn’t been the same since she lost him.

Now, Gidget has cancer. She has had thyroid cancer for about 6 months now. We kept thinking she was going down hill and then she would bounce back. Meanwhile, she has quite a growing lump on her throat. She is now starting to decline and the reality of having to decide when it’s time to let her go,  is wearing on my husband’s mind daily.  It’s so hard to make that decision. Do you put them down while they are still happy or do you wait until they stop eating and drinking and their body starts shutting down? We only keep them here for us in reality.

My husband and I decided that we were not getting another dog for a while even after Gidget is gone. We should have known better. Our neighbor at our apartment we just moved from told us she found a 5-6 week old Pit Bull puppy under her car when she pulled out of her parking spot. We still have no idea how she got there. She was still a very wobbly puppy. She brought her over for us to see and as soon as my husband held her, it was over. So, enter Zoe. I think Zoe will help my husband in this time of loss he is about to take on.

So, when I say “minimizing family pets”, it has not been a choice of ours. We love animals and will probably always have them in our house and hearts.  That being said I do know that in some circumstances people can no longer take care of their animals. I have the highest respect for those that give them up to a better home instead of dumping them on the side of the road like trash. It takes a bigger person to make that choice.

My heart goes out to all that have lost a furry friend; the only ones that truly love unconditionally. I would love to hear your stories if you care to share.



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