About Us


I will not put you through the long history of not-so-wonderful things that have happened in our short 8 years together as a family because that would be a completely different blog and I am trying to move forward and be more positive. Not to say there weren’t some wonderful moments as well, but we have just had a lot of bad luck, Kharma, bad mojo or whatever you wanna call it.

Basically, my husband lost his job, so we decided that we needed to quickly move into the smallest thing possible to avoid financial drowning. Our family of 4 moved into a 1-bedroom apartment. We started minimizing without even really planning to, but out of necessity for the last several years. Now, I just keep doing it and it’s making life so much better.

We will be concentrating on the details of minimalism and on our “tiny” living and I might throw some Buddhism in there randomly. We have decided to be free. Free of clutter, free of debt and free to LIVE! So here is our story starting from our new beginning…

Travis (44), Robin (45), Megan (17), Ryan (6)

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