Our Purpose

Welcome! Please read our "about" page to get a little more information as to what brought us here and why. We are here to help and we are here to give any information we can for you to be free in whatever capacity in your life. I am not only here because I love to … Continue reading Our Purpose

Minimalist Baby Steps

If you are at all like me, then you want to jump right in to minimalism and start trashing things left and right. That is, if your mind is bigger than your reality, like mine was. When I was at work I would picture doing all these great things at Super Mom speed and in … Continue reading Minimalist Baby Steps

Let’s Try This Again (Cont.)

As you know from my, Ok Let's Try This Again! post,  I had a weekend purge planned. Although I literally pictured myself having garbage bags in hand and just shoving everything in site into them, it went a little differently. It is so funny how we can picture it happening, but then our dumb emotions turn … Continue reading Let’s Try This Again (Cont.)