Our Purpose

Welcome! Please read our “about” page to get a little more information as to what brought us here and why. We are here to help and we are here to give any information we can for you to be free in whatever capacity in your life.

I am not only here because I love to write, but want to include and help others going through or wanting to go through this journey.

I may go back and reference something in the past because “the past dictates the future” (Sorry, couldn’t help it), but am really trying to focus on moving forward. I am tired of being grumpy for no reason. We are in control of our own reactions and we have to decide that it has to start with us, so here I am!

Oh, one more thing, I do have ADHD and when I see a blog with an entire page of tiny writing I run the other way, so chances are, my posts will be short and sweet most of the time. Plus, I may go off on another topic, at which time you can just shake your head and laugh at me or say “squirrel!” like my husband does.

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