The Fun Begins

We have been in our tiny 1-bedroom apartment for 2 weeks now.

Yesterday I woke up to the sound of my daughter telling me there was water everywhere. I jumped up, told her to tell Travis and as I walked toward the bathroom the feeling of cold water surrounding my feet. I cringe thinking about it.

So, long story short, our toilet had been running and never stopped and overflowed. We had not unpacked everything quite yet so there were some pictures and furniture that were already in the water that we had to quickly move. We realized it went all the way through our closet, as well as to the other side of the apartment and through the kitchen. Long story short, Travis called the renter’s insurance and started a claim.

They put us in a hotel, but as for the pictures and furniture, they told us to try to get them fixed first. Seriously? Ugh, insurance companies!

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