Minimizing Noise

Yesterday I read an article on Tiny Buddha that I really needed to hear. It was about silence. The author posted this quote:

“Silence is not the absence of something but the presence of everything.” ~Gordon Hempton

This is so true! Have you ever just sat outside, closed your eyes and let your senses take over? The sounds, the smells, the feel of the warm sun on your face? Feeling the moment? Well if you practice mindfulness you have. This is the very essence of mindfulness.

This morning I started getting stressed about running late for work, so as I brushed my teeth, I closed my eyes and brought myself to the moment. The sound and feel of the toothbrush. This is a great way to center yourself when you are getting overwhelmed and anxious, as silly as it sounds.

When are we really ever in the moment? When we are drinking our morning coffee or tea are we thinking about how warm it feels in our hands? Taking a slow breath in to smell the aroma or how each sip slowly works its way down and warms our body? Nope! We are usually sitting there thinking about the past or the future. Mindfulness is about being in the moment we are in. This is not always easy, but I know that when I can do it, it is such a positive feeling.

Since I have no tv you would think it would be pretty quiet in the apartment, but the 5-year old takes care of that. It is hard to find time for silence. I will put Ryan in the shower and think I can steal a few minutes of silence, but then 2 seconds later, “MOM!!” I will have to wait until he falls asleep (sigh).

This morning though, I was forced into silence when I left my phone at home. I usually listen to Pandora on the way to work, but that wouldn’t be happening today. So, I decided not to even turn on the radio. This would be a perfect opportunity for silence. I think I did pretty well not only enjoying the silence but also being mindful of the moment. This was harder when there were not-so-smart drivers, but I brought myself back after uttering a few choice words. I am actually much more patient than I was with certain drivers, but that is another article.

If we can center ourselves at least at times of stress or anxiety it will make a world of difference in our daily lives. Try this out and let me know how it went in your moment of mindfulness silence. Have a peaceful day!

One thought on “Minimizing Noise

  1. Silence is hard with kids, but I think the key is to be looking for opportunities, just like you took advantage of the silence on your drive into work. We can find times to be silent and present when we’re looking for them.

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