Minimizing Emotional Ties

If you read my blogs on A Mother’s Worst Nightmare you may be wondering what the heck that has to do with minimizing. Well, I guess it’s a process. I still have that hope chest to go through and I guess I am just working toward that goal.

I feel that the emotional ties with some things are really tough to break. Especially if you have gone through any sort of loss or death. Sometimes maybe you had a rough childhood and just want to keep holding on to a piece of something good about it. Sometimes it may be guilt. You want to hold on to something because you think it will make you feel less guilty about something gone wrong. Or maybe something has been in the family for generations, so you feel obligated to keep it. These are some feelings I have gone through as well, but stuff does nothing for us and guilt certainly doesn’t help either.

I am not by any means saying that you need to toss your grandfather’s pocket watch or your great-grandmother’s quilt. I, for one, am keeping my grandma’s quilt, because I remember using it when I stayed with her and she made it by hand, which I think about every time I use it. I didn’t use it for years and then decided that was silly to just have it in the closet. Now, I have actually brought value to her quilt.

I lost my parents in a car accident when I was 3 years old. Once I became an adult, I was given my mother’s china, that I may have used once for Thanksgiving. I finally gave it away. First of all, I didn’t really get to know my mother. I certainly don’t remember her using those dishes. It was the fact that I didn’t have her in my life that was the hard part and dishes weren’t going to bring her back or any memory of her. So, that made me feel slightly less guilty as I sent them off to a home that may actually use them.

I would love to work on this together. Let me know what “stuff” you have that you just can’t seem to ditch, but really wish you could. We are in this together and maybe we can encourage each other to get to the point that we realize “stuff” doesn’t make a fulfilling life. Clutter in the house brings clutter to our minds. When our minds are cluttered we will not be able to give our family or ourselves the time we need and want.

Take some baby steps and have an awesome weekend!



4 thoughts on “Minimizing Emotional Ties

  1. My grandkids came to visit last year and they loved the small rooms without all the junk. We’re building them a house next door right now with small rooms and hoping to instill that simplicity for a life of genuine non plasticized living. Here’s hopin’.


      1. What’s funny about the little ones, is you can buy all that crap and toys and junk, or have a dirt hill, give them a stick, a box, and a rope and they are happy for days on end.

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