Minimize your purse!

I used to have a tiny purse, but found that with kids and a husband I am apparently the “stuff holder”. So, I do have a large-ish purse and it does collect all sorts of crazy things. I decided this morning that it needs to be minimized as much as possible and now! Dumping out the purse on the floor, I found CVS receipts that I swore I would use the coupons on, but never did. My name badge for work that I never wore, but the magnet was an excellent catcher for bobby pins. I had beads from a broken necklace, business cards and crumbs of something who knows how old.

After trashing everything that wasn’t ever going to be needed, I decided that my purse needed to be organized. Now how was I going to do this and keep it that way? Well…

I had a subscription to Ipsy, which my husband like to call Oopsy. Every month my daughter and I got a beautiful hot pink bubble wrapped package that was like Christmas every time it arrived. We got samples of personalized make-up every month in a cute little makeup bag that my daughter and I would fight over. When my husband and I were going through the budget we decided that Ipsy wasn’t going to make the cut. After all 15 black eyeliners and 10 shades of eye shadow were probably enough for now.

The point of that paragraph was that I had about 8 makeup bags in my drawer that were really cute, but not being used and not bringing any value to my life. Now since that is one of the rule for minimizing, I decided to use 3 of them and trash the rest. These would be my “files” in my purse! I am so smart! Everyone needs a filing system for their purse, right?

I had one for makeup, one for money, business cards and little pieces of paper with important things written on them and the third was for medication, feminine stuff and gum. The pens went in a pocket as did my sunglasses. The picture above is the finished product. I am so happy that I will not be digging in my purse, sometimes while driving, to look for something I will never find until I dump my whole purse out in frustration.

One more thing minimized! Yay!




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