Ok Lets Try This Again!

I was so proud of myself. Our family had gotten it together and threw away a bunch of crap. We were living a minimalist life. Then we moved…

Wow. I was so angry at how much I still had. I was ready to just leave everything that was left and not look back. Of course, the end was stuff we actually needed like silverware and clothes, so I couldn’t do that.

The last couple of days I have been reading and refreshing on minimalism. I have decided that I am going to do a weekend purge and stop messing around with this. I have made a list of reasons I want to do this. My main reason, although not the only one for sure, is my stress level. This last week I have been completely stressed out about not being able to find what I need and the mess the house is still in. That stress boils over to the entire family. Then I have everyone else on egg shells for one. Plus the kids start acting out and it’s really my fault.

As the mom, we really do have a lot of responsibility, as far as our mood goes. We are the ones that are suppose to have it all together and when we don’t all hell breaks loose. So, mom is getting her crap together this weekend! I will not have another work week of hell. I will not be looking for the other shoe, my jewelry or even the dang toilet paper! Everything will have a place.

So, wish me luck and if you want to do this with me, let’s do it!

Let’s Try This Again (Cont.)


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