Why is M³ so hard?!

Minimalism, Mindfulness, and Meditation. Ok, maybe these aren’t hard for everyone. Maybe they aren’t really hard at all. When I decided to minimize, I was ready and most of it wasn’t that hard. However, the hard part comes when the excitement of this new way of living has gone a little limp.

In the past, I would be pretty hard on myself and give up. I had some great business ideas, but would somehow talk myself out of them. I would just say it wasn’t for me and get all depressed about it and then move on.  Well, that’s not happening because I know this is for me and I just have to realize this is a completely new way of living. I have to make time to keep the tiny apartment clean and that really isn’t very hard, I just get lazy or want to sleep more than I want a clean kitchen. Until I wake up and see the mess and wonder why I didn’t take the extra 5 minutes to do it.

As far as mindfulness, I just need to be more mindful of remembering to be mindful!  As far as meditation goes, I feel like 5 minutes isn’t enough, so I just don’t do any. This isn’t a very good way of thinking. Especially when you are typing it out and thinking how dumb it sounds,  but in the moment I don’t see it that way.

This blog really is a journal for me and just typing this is getting me more motivated! I will cut this one short because I would really love to hear from anyone out there that is practicing or trying to practice any of the 3Ms. What is the hardest thing for you or what are some tips you can give for those having a hard time? I appreciate you sharing! Have a peaceful evening!

5 thoughts on “Why is M³ so hard?!

  1. Minimalism was much harder at first. My husband had been trying to talk me into it for years, but I hadn’t found a motivating reason. Once we realized that we wanted to create a life of travel, suddenly I had a reason. We cut our spending by at least half, including paying off all debt, and have gotten rid of about 90% of all our stuff. It’s amazing what some good motivation can do!

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