Running on Empty

Ok, so how many of you wait until the light comes on to get gas? I do! I was thinking about this as I drove home procrastinating whether I could wait even longer to get gas. I hate stopping to get gas, but isn’t it funny that when I can’t wait any longer it ends up being the worst time to stop and get it?

This is something that I’m really trying to work on…procrastination and running on empty. A few of my post are about not saying “yes” to everything and “minimizing”. This really does help me have extra time to do the things that I have put off. It’s funny how minimizing does so many things for ones life. I couldn’t be happier that I have found this way of living!

2 thoughts on “Running on Empty

  1. I just went through this yesterday. I also procrastinate on packing to go someplace. I knew I needed to pack for this weekend, but all I wanted to do was sleep…so I put it off til the morning. Then I rushed around like mad and forgot my hairbrush because I wasn’t being careful. I’m looking forward to having more time and procrastinating less.

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  2. My life has become so much more full because of minimalism! It’s so much more than getting rid of things! It’s about finding which things, people, and opportunities mean the most most. But yes, I also wait until the gas light is on. I don’t know why, and I always say, “Next time I’m filling it up at half-tank.” And then I find myself looking at that gas light, all over again…

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