Minimalism to Tiny(er)

After reading my last blog Extreme Minimalism, you now know why I have gone from minimalism to tiny(er). I don’t have a couch, tv or a bed and just found out that I apparently don’t have a pantry either.  I cook a lot, so this was a bit of a shock, but I made it work. My spices may be on the shelf with my bath towels, but hey, we do what we can in the situation we are in. I do have the dining table. Since we don’t have tv,  I plan on playing board games and eating together with the kids, plus they need a place to do homework.

We sleep on a 2″ memory foam mattress, which is pretty awesome. My husband and I had talked about floor sleeping anyway and now I get to try it out! It is supposed to be better for your back in the long run, but it takes a couple of weeks adjust apparently.

I think I am still in a fog right now and not everything has sunk in, but I am determined to live in the moment and not get stressed by the future or what I can’t control. The other night I had an hour or two alone and didn’t really know what to do with myself, but I plan on changing that. I will definitely be reading and meditating more.

The other day I decided to delete my game apps that I was addicted to. I spent way too much time on them that could have been spent with the kids or doing something more productive. I really don’t even miss them. It’s like they were just a “go to” when I was bored or needed an escape. Sometimes escape is good, but when you are escaping more than anything else, then there is a problem.

To end on an absolutely positive note to all of this…I do love my balcony. It faces a huge oak tree and the canopy is just amazing. I get to have a bit of country in the city. Plus watching squirrels is very entertaining! I hope you all have a wonderful, peaceful day!


2 thoughts on “Minimalism to Tiny(er)

  1. I decided to try not watching TV during January, and it’s amazing the amount I’m now going to phone games instead. I know it’s a time-waster, so I’m planning on filling that time instead with blogging, reading and spending time with family. I think we’re on similar tracks there!

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