Extreme Minimalism

This weekend I will be going to a whole new level of minimalism. My husband and I have decided to separate. Now, before you hang your shoulders and shake your head, this is a good thing. We are actually going to be living in the same apartment complex to make it easier for the kids and will, of course, still be working together as parents. This decision will help us both get to where we want to be. We have lost ourselves in these last few years. These things happened for a reason and I strongly believe that. We each just need to find who we now have become.

So, that being said, I will only be taking a few things and that won’t include the bed, tv or couch. This should be interesting. One thing I have been studying and trying to grasp is not stressing about the future or the past. I am going to live in the moment. I am going to be present. I know this will be difficult and a bit of a financial strain, but I know that it will all be ok.

I will be working on my self-compassion so that I can show more compassion to my husband, children, and others. Yesterday was a tough day,  but when I felt like doing nothing, I set my alarm to remember 2 things to do in the evening. The important thing is not the two things, but that I actually did them! Good for me:) Baby steps to self-compassion.

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