The Sentimental Things

Although minimalism is a lifestyle, I have to actually get to a place that I feel like I have reached that state. I am not there yet but making baby steps in that direction every day. I know for a fact what will end up being my last step…

The Memory Chest

This seems to be the hardest part for most people. I am not there yet but felt the need to talk about it. I lost my 7-year-old daughter, Caitlin to a brain tumor in May of 2004. I have been hauling around clothes and other sentimental things of hers including a large chest that I can’t even open for more than a few seconds because I just can’t even look at it, even after all these years. You see, I understand that we are attached to these things because we connect material things to people and memories, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

Since we decided to minimize I have given some of her things away. I just grabbed them and stuffed them in the Goodwill bag before I could change my mind. (Sigh). Baby steps. I have her 20 plus MRI scans. They take up a lot of room and are heavy. I feel like I am throwing away her pictures if I get rid of them, but all they are is a picture of the stupid tumor taking over her brain. Why the hell can’t I chunk them?! So, I decided I would only keep 3. Hey, it’s better than 20, right? When I do go through the chest,  I will probably be writing a lot about it. Maybe sharing the stories, memories and maybe even pictures will help.

If you have gone through this already let me know how you did it and your feelings as you went through the process. I would love to hear your story.

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