Tough Decisions

This is when choices are hard. You want to get out of debt and be free, yet your job won’t allow you either one. So, what does one do?

Well, Travis was promoted yesterday to GM and the choice, at least for now, is to take it. We both know that it will be very temporary and the benefit outweighs the cost at this moment. We are hoping it will only take a year to get out of most of our debt. Those darn student loans are a killer and it may take longer for those, but we also have 2 cars to pay off.


In fact, speaking about student loans, we have discussed in great detail with our daughter how important it is to find ways to go to school without loans. They are like shackles, yet people think they are a way of life. Not everyone even needs a degree. I believe she will be in medical or accounting in some way, so she will probably need one, but it is our goal for her to be debt free when she starts her life out there. It will be hard enough without that added to it.

Ok, I’m back

So, we will just continue doing what we do and throw some money at the debt as much as we can and see what happens! I would love to hear your stories if you would like to share!


4 thoughts on “Tough Decisions

  1. We used a modified version of Dave Ramsey to get out of debt. Im not a christian, but it works for a lot ofnpeopke. His snowball of debt payments is affective. If you can go for highest interest rates, it’s most efficient, but most people lose sight of the goal. He says to go for smallest debt amount first, then roll that payment towards the next smallest once you pay off the smallest one. Ect…. I used a combination method for our situation. We were debt free in 18 months, not including the house.

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  2. A huge relief. The girls and I did the RV thing for 2 years while my husband was abroad. Now we use it for travel during military moves.

    Last year the girls and I jumped in the truck and helped with tornado relief cleanup on a whim “because we can.” I could never do that if we had debt tieing us down.

    Right now the military has delayed us. We have no house. We were supposed to leave to go to his next duty tomorrow, yet he can’t leave because he hasn’t fully signed out because his unit is being ridiculous. We have no where to stay and we can’t go and because of the holiday on Monday he can’t do anything until Tuesday. Hotel it is! Lol

    It’s frustrating but because we have no debt I know that we will be fine.

    Being debt free doesn’t mean we don’t have any of the same problems that we had before when we had debt, it just means that we don’t stress out to the same Epic Proportions that we used to when life comes on.


  3. Exactly! Same with all the clutter. Financial clutter, brain clutter, junk clutter…it all messes with you! I hope everything works out for you very soon. I know it’s hard waiting for answers and other people to make decisions, but it all happens in its own time for a reason:)


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