Routines for an ADHD Minimalist

I know a lot of people don’t like labels and I was, and am somewhat the same way. However, I learned first hand that when a child really does have ADHD and you ignore it, it really hurts the child, your relationship with them and their social skills. Either way, I have an adult son with it and I have it. I  have it bad, just ask my husband. At least now I can joke about some things, but when it comes to the other spouse it really is hard on them sometimes.

My low attention span and forgetfulness take a toll on my poor husband. However, this article is about how I feel in my head. The part others can’t see. I feel so scattered all the time. I can not sit still and must be doing something. That is why it is so hard to quit smoking. At least I am doing something. (I am down to about 3 a day or less btw) I get so determined one day to change everything, but then it all goes downhill because half the time I forget what I even planned on doing!

I noticed that when my 5-year-old is on a routine schedule he does so much better and so do I! The mornings and evenings go much more smoothly and I don’t get so frustrated with him.  So, I decided to put us both on a routine schedule. It’s kind of silly that I have to set an alarm to remember to put a load of laundry in, but if that is what I need to do, then so be it. I made a schedule today, printed out the schedule for my son to see as well and put 26 alarms on my phone!

Part of the routine is things for myself that I just don’t do. Like meditating and going to bed earlier so I can wake up earlier. I hate waking up early, but if I don’t do it I won’t have time to do the things I really want and my life will just stay in this rut. I will let you know how I did tomorrow! Are there any routines you do or any you struggle with? Let me know!

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