Do What Makes You Happy!

I have read several articles from some pretty awesome minimalists and one of the best things my husband and I have gotten from them was to do what makes you happy and is fulfilling in your life. We have definitely decided that our family is more important and fulfilling than dad being stressed the heck out or gone (mentally and physically) for hours every day.

My husband, Travis has already done the corporate, 6 figures thing. He had the Lexus, he built a big house on a hill and then the hill fell down. Both literally and metaphorically, but that is a different story as well, which I hope he will share at some point. So, after this last lay off, we had a moment of just feeling completely defeated. Our fighting for what we wanted in life, for that moment, was non-existent. Flight, however, was what I immediately wanted to do. I am the one that doesn’t always think through everything, but I will just figure it out later. Everything always works out, right? I just wanted to leave our ridiculously expensive big apartment and take what we could put in a Uhaul and go.

Ok, maybe a little crazy, but others have done it. Why can’t we?! After that day or week of panic, we got our emotions under control (mostly my husband) and decided to move into our one bedroom, one bath apartment. We had talked about full-time RVing, but we didn’t have the cash and didn’t want to go into more debt. We had talked about a tiny house, but again, didn’t have cash or land. So, the apartment was our only choice and we would have to break the lease on the other one.  This just wasn’t what we do, but when you have no choice, you do what you can to survive and not go further into the pit of despair. (A little Princess Bride there)

My husband had been a Dominoes Pizza driver in the past when he had been out of work and actually did pretty well tips wise, so he called the general manager and got right back in. He is pretty awesome at any job he has, so he was welcomed with open arms of course:) Now, he has been approached to be a GM himself! You might be thinking, “That’s great!” Well, if 65-70 hrs a week, not getting paid well and seeing your family even less is great, then I don’t want any part of it. I did tell Travis that this was up to him and I would support his decision,  but he thinks the same way I do. At what expense?

He is going to meet with someone today to discuss the position, but I just don’t think we are there anymore. I don’t really care what my husband does as far as a job. I want him to be happy and I want him to be home. Yes, we need to pay the bills and debt and that will get done as long as we stay put in our tiny apartment and keep tossing junk and not collecting more. The feeling of not having to clean for hours on a weekend is such a good feeling and everyone at home seem so much more at peace. When the home isn’t cluttered, the mind isn’t as cluttered. Like I said at the beginning. We just want to be free. I don’t really care what the world thinks about how we go about it. I am not accepting the world’s views any longer on how it thinks everyone should live their life. Most of those judgemental people aren’t happy anyway, so who wants that? What do you think?

Well, this was officially a rant and my longest post! I will keep you up to date on how things go with the job situation, Oh and by the way, my 16-year-old daughter got a job at the same Dominoes! Thanks to my husband’s connections:) Her first job and she is so excited! Have a peaceful day!

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