“Cookies”! (in Cookie Monster voice)

I love to bake. Especially around the holidays. I used to decorate cakes, but when the work started getting more stressful, I decided it wasn’t as fun to do for money. So, this weekend I baked some cookies for my coworkers and of course, left some for the family.

I have been baking much more lately because of my super clean minimized kitchen! However, the other night my husband apparently had a binge eating attack and when I woke up in the morning the kitchen was a total mess! I just stood there staring at it wondering how one person could have done this much.

In the past, I would have flown off the handle, but I just took a deep breath (Oooommm) and said to myself, ” I can only control myself and my reactions”, then I walked out of the kitchen. Later when hubby woke up I simply asked him, “Babe, could you please clean up the kitchen and the explosion in the microwave?” He stared at me at first with a surprised, yet guilty look and then said, “Fine”.

You know, sometimes we spend too much time complaining and griping at our spouse, yet wouldn’t we miss these little quirky things if they were gone? We have heard the saying, “Live like you are dying” right? Well, the Buddha taught that thousands of years ago. We don’t know when we are going to die. Do we really want to be lying on our deathbed with regrets or should we fix it now while we can? Why is this so hard for us? Ok…I totally squirreled.

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