I’m a Quitter!

Yes, it’s true. After picking up a stupid smoking habit last year, I have finally decided to quit! Of course, I have “tried” to quit and said I wanted to quit several times, but I feel it this time.

I mean look at that nasty picture above. It disgusts me and it’s stinky, unhealthy and just gross! I had a little wake-up call with my kids and decided to quit cold turkey. Ok, maybe “lukewarm” turkey, but I did go 26 hours without one and then only had 1/2 of one. Then last night had a whole one. But, from as much as I was smoking before, I would say I am on the right path.

Update* I didn’t post this right away and took a couple of steps back this weekend, but I am still determined to quit! I am also determined for my husband to quit because it’s harder for me to quit when I just want to go outside and smoke with him! Wish us luck. I will keep you updated on our progress.

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