Project Kitchen

So far, I have completely minimized the kitchen (well, maybe not completely). I have only the microwave, coffeemaker and paper towel holder on my counters. Ok, and I kept the Scentsy too. I have been washing each dish that is used, and I couldn’t love my kitchen more!

I haven’t really shared with my family about washing each dish because that is just something I want to do for myself and not really wanting to force everyone else to start doing it. However, since I have cleaned off the counters, everyone in the family has been throwing there trash away more, not leaving a dish randomly on the counter and just putting stuff up! I love it!

You see, when you have nothing on the counter, a dirty paper towel or a dish stands out much more to everyone! I plan on doing some more tossing of stuff this weekend so I will let you know how that goes! Have an awesome weekend😊

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