Buddha Baby!

This morning I have been doing quite a bit of reading. The 2 things I am most interested in at this moment are Buddhist teachings and minimalism. It is interesting how they can actually go hand in hand.

As I am reading about self-love and compassion all I want to do is go home and throw away more stuff! I know that is kinda weird, but I feel like the “stuff” is still in my way of having a clear mind, which is preventing me from caring for myself let alone anyone else.

Now when I say caring for myself, that isn’t like getting my hair and nails done. Self-compassion is very important if you ever want to be happy and at peace in life. I actually didn’t realize how much I talk negatively to myself in my head until I really started to concentrate on it. Things like, “That was a stupid thing to do”, “Why did I turn this way?” “Of course, this line is slower, why didn’t I just stay where I was?” Sound familiar?

Once I realized I was saying those things, I started to switch my thought process. Of course, the words would still sneak in my head, but instead of continuing or ending it there, I would then tell myself, “It’s ok”. “It’s no big deal”. “Just relax”. I was talking to myself as if it was someone else! Well, why wouldn’t I treat myself like I would someone else? This, my friend, is the beginning of self-compassion.

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