Lousiana, here we…

This was a not so smooth day, but a good day to practice mindfulness! Ryan said his throat hurt yesterday and barely had a fever, so I thought it was just a little cold and he would be fine. Well, today he feels a little bit hotter and still says his throat hurts. He had his tonsils removed a couple of years ago, so I really wasn’t worried. Until…I looked in his mouth. His throat wasn’t even red except one small area, but as soon as I saw his tongue, I knew. Strep! Ok, deep breath.

Travis and I took him to the urgent care clinic and the doctor, of course, asks why we are there. I say, “I’m pretty sure he has strep.” I have had 4 kids and all of them have gotten strep, so I kinda know a little something about it (I didn’t say this out loud). The Dr looks in and says it doesn’t really look like strep, but we’ll go ahead and do a swab. The ginger is coming out in my head, but I’m trying to be calm like Buddha. Of course, in less than 5 minutes she comes back and says that he has strep. Hmmm.

Anyway, long story short we went back and forth with family about whether to go to Louisiana or not and decided it was too much risk for the other family members. So, we will be going for Christmas and now I get to unpack everything!

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